Using IPFS and Hyperledger on Private Blockchain to Secure the Criminal Record System


  •   Mamun Ahmed

  •   Akash Roy Pranta

  •   Mst. Fahmida Akter Koly

  •   Farjana Taher

  •   Mohammad Asaduzzaman Khan


In today's modern world, digitizing criminal records is a need for a nation. It contains criminal information that is securely and digitally stored. Blockchain technology allows us to store highly secure and efficient data. In this system, each transaction is permanent, which makes changing data or hacking the system nearly impossible. In our paper, hyperledger based on a low-cost private blockchain and IPFS are used to track any media file as evidence. Although the owner had access to all the capabilities for handling criminal records, the system did restrict users’ access in several ways. More security, privacy, and authorization are prioritized by this. We use the concept for updating fugitive criminal records.

Keywords: Blockchain, criminal record, fugitive criminal, hyperledger, IPFS


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Ahmed, M., Pranta, A. R., Koly, M. F. A., Taher, F., & Khan, M. A. (2023). Using IPFS and Hyperledger on Private Blockchain to Secure the Criminal Record System. European Journal of Information Technologies and Computer Science, 3(1), 1–6.