IoT Based Online Integrated System to Share Available Parking Space


  •   Hasan Mahmud

  •   Md. Afzalur Rahaman

  •   Md. Ferdaus Hasan Mazumder Emon

  •   Tanjil Mahmud Tamim


The drastic growth of vehicles on the road and the mismanagement of parking spaces are creating severe traffic congestion, mostly in urban areas where parking areas are scarce. Therefore, it is highly necessary to develop an internet-of-things (IoT) based integrated system to share available parking spaces that would allow the car owner to find some available parking space nearby faster whenever required. The proposed system is developed with the integration of IoT, the latest innovation in electronic devices, sensors, and computers to make the parking management system smarter. The IoT provides wireless access to the system so that the user can find the availability of parking spaces in a required area.  This ensures the best use of the parking spaces, saves time, and reduces traffic problems in the long run.

Keywords: Car parking allocation, Internet of Things, number plate detection, ultrasonic sensors


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Mahmud, H., Rahaman, M. A., Emon, M. F. H. M., & Tamim, T. M. (2022). IoT Based Online Integrated System to Share Available Parking Space. European Journal of Information Technologies and Computer Science, 2(6), 19–23.